We’re passionate about protecting and sustaining the environment.

We source the best products and offer the best advice to ensure energy is saved and profits are gained.

"Here at EcoSave UK, we’re passionate about protecting and sustaining the environment and our client’s interests alike. As energy consultants, you can only be as good as the products and services you supply. This is why we pride ourselves in sourcing the best products and offering the best service within the energy industry in order to offer comprehensive energy plans tailored to suit your needs."

Nathan Badger, Managing Director

About EcoSave UK

We have registered our business as a Community Interest Company meaning we are non-profit, this is a unique selling point as it significantly aids our customers Corporate Social Responsibility whilst supporting community good causes and charities.

We offer free ESOS Standard Light Surveys as well as advice on a range of grants, leases and other strategies that help make LED solutions self-funding.

Our LED Lighting is sourced from several manufacturers which allows us to compete whatever the project, we can supply market leading brands as well as more cost sensitive projects. Sourcing the right manufacturers also means we have expert technical support for those more in depth questions. All supplied LED solutions meet BS EN guidelines.

As well as our range of LED lights and panels, we strive to save our client’s money through green energy initiatives and various alternative strategies through several other energy efficient technologies. EcoSave UK have access to wholesale pricing within the utility industry, allowing us to secure tariffs ranging from 12 months to 2 years in advance. This allows us to obtain and offer only the most competitive deals for our clients. We have a unique approach to the energy market through reverse tendering, basket scheme’s and traditional tenders.

Our Services

We are proud to offer the following services:

We are always on the lookout for further advancements in energy
technology and so our range is ever expanding.

With the help of close monitoring of your energy consumption we can help you achieve excellent results in cost reductions and CO2 emissions which contribute towards your energy plan and carbon emission targets.

Our Values

At all times we aim to keep our business practices to a high standard.

We strive to remain an environmentally centred business and in doing so look to partner with only like-minded businesses to ensure that we stay focused on delivering the most efficient and high quality products within the industry. All of our LED technology is recyclable within the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations.

Ethical Selling
Ensuring that our products and services meet the needs of the customer at a fair price.

Outstanding Customer Service
You, the customer are our number one priority. Our highly trained staff are dedicated to making sure that you get the product and service that you need.

CO2 Emission Reductions
Through careful monitoring we can suggest strategies and products to help reduce your CO2 emissions and overall environmental impact.

Value for money
We strive to offer the highest quality products and services to our clients at a competitive price. We also advise our customers on the best value products to suit your budget.

Attention to detail
In this industry, the smallest changes can sometimes have quite a substantial impact. This is why we pay such close attention to our products in order to be able to offer you the most accurate energy and money saving strategies.

Energy Conservation & Cost Savings
Introducing renewable energy strategies can help you become eligible for several Government schemes as well it’s reductions to your energy bills.       

Our Team

Here at EcoSave UK our team of experienced specialists are always striving to find the most efficient and cost effective strategies at reducing energy costs and carbon emissions. Our range of expertise makes us a great well rounded company and our passion for clients and the environment gives us a great push to achieve the best.


Managing Director

Nathan holds a BA Hons in Business Administration with 20 years experience in Senior Sales Management developing teams across all business sectors. Having run his own consultancy business for a number of years also, Nathan knows how to run a successful business. With his experience and passion for the environment Nathan is the driving force behind EcoSave UK with a hands on approach. Nathan is responsible for ensuring every customer has a smooth experience with EcoSave UK and their business receives the benefits of the best green technology in the industry.

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