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Government Incentives

Reduce energy and costs
with funding incentives.

The government offers a range of schemes to reduce CO2 and energy usage.

Government Incentives

The government offers several incentives to both business and domestic users that are working to reduce their carbon emissions and energy usage. Ranging from tax reductions to annual pay-outs these can further increase the money you can save by optimising your energy usage strategies.

  • Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – The RHI pays participants that produce and utilise renewable sources for their heating demands. The scheme pays a certain amount based on either the amount of heat produced or the equivalent kWh produced, depending on the type of renewable system installed.
  • Climate Change Levy (CCL) – CCL is a government induced tax to non-domestic energy users in an aim to increase renewable energy source usage. In the 2006 budget it was announced that the tax rate would rise accordingly alongside the rate of inflation. However, a reduction of up to 90% can be gained by agreeing to a Climate Change Agreement (CCA) with the Environment Agency.
  • Feed in Tariff – The Feed in Tariff pays participants for producing their own energy from renewable sources such as solar and wind. An amount is paid based on the units (or kWh) produced from the installed system. This amount is paid regardless of whether or not the energy produced is used and the rates paid out can even be increased if extra units are exported back into the National Grid.

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