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Water Harvesting

Gather rain water to use
within your business

There is often no shortage of falling rain, so gather
this to keep you business hydrated.

Water Harvesting

This is an environmental way to harvest nature’s pure rain water (chlorine free) to use within your business facilities. The UKs rainfall over the past few years has been steadily on the increase with shorter summers than ever before. Despite this our reservoirs are still not full and our rivers are beginning to lower leaving water an expensive commodity. Water companies are planning to build desalination plants to assist in achieving the rising demand. Water companies recently proposed a price rise that could lead to an increase in water bills by as much as 35% in the next 5 years.

A tank is buried under ground which collects your rainwater and then uses a pump to feed your business or homes water needs.

Key Benefits

  • Planning applications for rainwater harvesting are looked on favourably
  • They meet the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme meaning your business benefits from capital allowance
  • Rainwater is used within your facilities meaning less chemicals
  • You may be eligible for a water band change, rebate or refund as well as a lower surface drainage charge

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