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Wind Turbines

Wind turbines make use of
Europe’s wind resource

Use wind to power your business and save costs in
the long-term.

Wind Turbines

Britain is fortunate to have circa 40% of Europe’s wind resource. Unlike fossil fuels wind is not going to run out so why not harvest this natural resource to power your business needs. We have partnered with one of the UKs leading providers of wind turbine having installed countless projects throughout the UK.

Why not future proof your business from escalating electricity costs by investing in wind harvesting. The energy market is predicting a rise by as much as 5 – 10% per year meaning your electricity could be as much as 40% higher by 2020. Meaning renewable energy has never been more of a sound investment.

Your business not only benefits from having to purchase less electricity but can actually export the excess electricity back to the grid. Wind energy is supported by the Feed in Tariff (F.I.T) which is a 20 year Government backed scheme providing you a supplementary income for your business. Any investment in green technology aids your corporate responsibility and is great PR for your business as lowering CO2 emissions becomes common place in the business world.

With the UK committing to reduce 20% of carbon emissions by 2020 every business has a responsibility to contribute to this saving, wind farming is a great contributor as well as a great visual to improve your customers perception and your supply chain alike.

Key Benefits

  • Government Feed in Tariff guaranteed for 20 years
  • Improving your businesses CO2 emissions
  • Future proofing your business to rising energy prices
  • Supporting your corporate responsibility initiative

How can we help?

We offer the end to end process from assistance with the following:

  • Feasibility Study including free wind testing
  • Planning application support
  • Pre-accreditation
  • Installation & Ongoing Maintenance

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business with wind energy

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